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Aluminum Bubble Bottle & Wand


When a cleaning supply company named Chemtoy began bottling its bubble solution in 1940 as a children’s play toy, bubble history began! Although children had already been blowing bubbles over soapy pans for many years, it wasn’t until this time that a true enthusiasm for the activity began.

The first bubble solutions were not designed to be non-toxic bubbles for toddlers, babies, or children, and for the next 70 years, they stayed that way.

Now, Bubble Tree® has revolutionized the industry with the goal of producing sustainable, safe, and fun bubbles for people of all ages to enjoy without fear of toxicity or damaging the environment.

Today, millions of bubble containers are sold in the U.S. each year, and unfortunately, most are plastic. In fact, over 300 million plastic bubble bottles are imported into the country annually, with too many of them being thrown away in our landfills when they’re empty.