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Meli Wraps


Meli Wraps are planet and people friendly.  Meli Wraps are made with beeswax, organic cotton, tree resin, organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil.  The blend creates a natural wrap that can be used in place of plastic wrap.  Meli Wraps are not recommended for covering raw meat.  Please do not microwave or cover hot foods.  Always use cool water when washing wraps.

How to use:  use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap into an envelope or around your dish or food.  The beeswax allows the wraps to cover leftovers and food or snack, fold them into an envelope and use them for snacks on the go.  Meli Wraps can be shaped and re-shaped for about a year.

Care:  Clean your Meli Wrap with mild dish soap, cool water and air dry,  The beeswax coating makes it easy to wipe clean!

3 pack includes - small - 7x7, medium - 10x10, large - 10x16

Comes in a variety of colors.